High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged / 하이킥3, 짧은 다리의 역습

20 Sep

Title: 하이킥3, 짧은 다리의 역습 / The Revenge of the Short Legged
Also known as: ,
Genre: Sitcom, family, comedy, romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-19 to 2012
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45
Related Series: High Kick 1 and High Kick 2

Production Credits
Production Company: Chorokbaem Media
Director: Kim Byung Wook, Park Soon Tae (박순태)
Screenwriter: Lee Young Chul (이영철)


Ahn Nae Sang and Yoon Yoo Sun are middle aged husband and wife. When his business goes bankrupt, this couple moves in to her brother’s house and the conflict starts.


Ahn family
Ahn Nae Sang as Ahn Nae Sang
Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoon Yoo Sun
Lee Jong Suk as Ahn Jong Suk
Krystal Jung as Ahn Soo Jung
Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Kye Sang
Suh Ji Suk as Yoon Ji Suk

Other people
Park Ha Sun as Park Ha Sun
Go Young Wook (고영욱) as Go Young Wook
Park Ji Sun (박지선) as Park Ji Sun
Yoon Gun (윤건) as Yoon Gun
Kim Ji Won as Kim Ji Won
Julien Kang as Julien
Baek Jin Hee as Baek Jin Hee
Lee Juck (이적) as Lee Juck
Kang Seung Yoon (강승윤) as Kang Seung Yoon

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